Making an Impact in Opportunity Zones through STEM


$100,000 Minimum Investment

Innovative Technology Investments

Innovative Technology Fund is a Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ) Fund. With a mission to identify, invest in and nurture technology companies within the consumer tech, AI & enterprise technology industries. Innovative Technology Fund aims to ensure the companies have a significant social impact in the communities they are working in.

Project 1: Frientap
Project 2: SecondOpinionExpert
Project 3: SmartiOPS

Why Innovative Technology?

Diversified Portfolio

Along with investing in innovative technology opportunities, the fund will also look to invest in residential real-estate properties and multi-family properties within opportunity zones.

OZ Tax Benefits

With the OZ tax breaks, investments held for at least 10 years, investors pay no taxes on any capital gains produced through their investment in Opportunity Funds.

30+ Years Experience

Our diverse and experienced team is behind several publicly traded companies and has the knowledge to identify and grow investments in the technology space.

The Innovative Social Impact

At Innovative Technology, we believe strongly in establishing and utilizing local partnerships in our search for high-growth, impactful Opportunity Zone businesses. Great companies are built by diverse teams that are supported and empowered to be maximally innovative and creative. Helping companies take ideas from niche to mass and capitalize on multi-billion dollar market opportunities within designated Opportunity Zones.


Small Business Mentorship

Frientap will partner with Innovative Technology Fund to help establish channels of sales to grow their customer base.

STEM Training

The investee companies will be taking on active roles to engage the communities to further STEM education with the help of local educational organizations.

Veteran Support

The investee companies will actively engage with veteran organizations and individuals to provide opportunities to transition back from active duty or grow skills.

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